Internal Audit

Internal audit organization

The internal audit organization is affiliated with the board of directors with one auditor. The appointment and dismissal should be reported to the board of directors for approval. The Chairman has the right to approve the performance evaluation and remuneration of the internal auditor. The internal auditor cannot be involved with any conflicting job positions, and comprehensive managing audit operation with independent spirit. The internal auditor should report to the board of directors and the audit committee quarterly and be responsible for internal audit operation.


Operation of Internal Audit

  1. Draw up an annual audit plan according to the regulations.
  2. Submits audit report to the Audit Committee for inspection.
  3. According to the charter of Internal Audit, the internal audit team conduct self-inspection at least once a year. Supervise  each departments to conduct regular self-inspection, and examines the self-assessment reports of each departments.
  4. Provide improvements and recommendations for internal audit to enhance operational efficiency and make internal control effective.