Persist in diligence and strictly control food safety
Founder – the Chairman of Kai-Lung Cheng.
“I come from Taiwan, I am very important! I take the glory from Taiwan to all the world, I am very proud of it !”

LIAN FA INTERNATIONAL DINING BUSINESS CORPORATION was established in 2004, the headquarter is located in Nangang District, Taipei City and has been not only the world’s leading brand of tea-beverage chain franchise business but also have the Southeast-Asia cuisine theme restaurants business.
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    The unique terrain environment bred high-quality Taiwanese tea. Each tea has a distinctive...
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Relying on the pursuit of excellent dining quality, Mr. Cheng creates a new dining business world to share the health and happiness with all the people. Mr. Cheng deeply believes “Chase Excellence, Success will follow”. He seriously keeps the good quality all the way, this is why to achieve his dining kingdom today.
Contribute to the Society
Taking Care of Food Safety
Pursuing the Best Quality