• Sharetea is originally from a black tea stall tea vendor on Nanyang Street.
  • Inspired by South Eastern culture, investigating the Malaysian catering market.
  • Established "Lian Fa International Dining Business Corporation."
  • Patent application for T-shaped environmental protection plastic bag.
  • Obtained the National GSP Certificate of Excellence from China Productivity Center, Department of Commerce, Ministry of Economy.
  • Formally joined in the Association of Chain and franchise promotion, Taiwan(ACFPT)
  • Won the third place in the 6th Taipei International franchise exhibition "Top Ten Hot Brands Award."
  • Officially started Sharetea franchise business in Taiwan and won the 7th place of "Top Ten Hot Brands Award" in 7th Taipei International Chain and Franchise Exhibition.
  • Won the first prize of “Best Franchise’s Marketing Creativity Award” held by Department of Commerce, Ministry of Economic Affairs. 
  • Received “Awards Of Commonweal” from the specific caring target in women entrepreneurship support program by the Executive Yuan.
  • For six years in a row, Sharetea won the first prize under the media assessment of pearl milk tea.
  • Interviewed by Japan’s major travel magazine which mentioned Sharetea as a must-visit shop.
  • Winner of the 8th Taipei Franchise Association Elite Award. 
  • Launched the 5th generation of “Sharetea Tea Shop Model”, using natural tea products and fresh fruit juice to create modern, healthy, and lively new beverages.
  • The original "Hand-Feeling Taro Milk" is made of fresh taro honey from Tai-Chia, Taiwan, and is endorsed by Taiwanese film Emperor Tsai Chun-Nam.
  • The 5th generation of Sharetea tea shop model was officially born.
  • Awarded CAS good agricultural product mark certification.
  • Won the 6th prize of "Top Ten Most Popular Brands" in the 9th Taipei International Franchise Exhibition.
  • Sharetea represented Taiwan to serve pearl milk tea in Deaflympics and become the only official drinks sponsor.
  • Hong Kong Sharetea officially open to franchise, and open multiple franchise stores in a year.
  • Mr. Eric Tsang, the movie King, is the spokesperson for the Sharetea in Greater China.
  • Singapore’s Sharetea officially open its first branch.
  • For seven years in a row, Sharetea Headquarters was evaluated by the Department of Commerce of the Ministry of Economy to be an “Excellent Franchise Qualified Headquarters”
  • Sharetea officially expands to overseas markets. Accomplished multiple Sharetea master agents in different countries such as Dubai, Australia, Indonesia, Brunei, and Malaysia. 
  • Sharetea expands into Malaysia, the Philippines, Dubai, Brunei, Indonesia, Australia, and other places throughout the world.
  • Expands Sharetea stores into Europe, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada.
  • Established the American subsidiary company "Lilian USA LLC".
  • To expand Beverage Business to Food Business with overall planning and strategy.
  • Established the Hong Kong subsidiary  company "Lian Fa International Dining Business (HK) Co., Limited".
  • Expands Sharetea to Vietnam and Canada British Columbia
  • Sharetea opened Westfield Valley Fair, a very high-end mall in San Jose California, which has only two exclusive F&B stores in the 1st floor boutique area.
  • The Sharetea Global Flagship Store opened at a prime location in Taipei.
  • The first Sharetea Ximen store opened.
  • Sharetea Global Flagship Store won the Italian A' Design Award.
  • The group expands food business with Mamak Malaysia Food and Kampong Hainanese Chicken Rice .

  • Re-creating the old Nanyang street view concept in the very first Sharetea store in Taipei City.
  • Sharetea has over 100 stores in the United States.
  • Kampong Famous Hainan Chicken Rice opens in Carrefour and Eslite.
  • The very first co-branding cooperation between bubble tea and sushi chain! Sharetea launching the classic bubble tea in 523 Sushiro stores in whole Japan national. 
  • Launching the Sharetea 9th generation concept, and the Sharetea Daan Zhongxiao store is officially completed.
  • Creating a new Sharetea franchise concept for Taiwan territory expansion.
  • Sharetea Yonghe, Xinzhuang and Taoyuan grand opening together! 
  • In January 2021, Lian Fa International Dining Business Corporation was listed officially on the Taiwan OTC stock market with stock code 2756.
  • "Sharetea" promotes a new image store type and expands the franchise market in Taiwan.
  • "Sharetea" has expanded to 21 states in the United States, breaking through 120 stores.
  • Sharetea breaks through 40 stores in Malaysia.
  • Sharetea COVID-19 Prevention Heroes Free Drinking Tour Public Welfare Activities.
  • Co-branded "Creamy Thai Tea Boba" by Sharetea and Shaomei.
  • Co-branded "Shrimp Chips with Curry Laksa Flavor" MAMAK Malaysian Cuisine and HWA YUAN Foods and co-branded with Family Mart.
  • Jan., Lian Fa International Dining Business Corporation officially became a listed company on January 14th in Taiwan, and the stock code is 2756.
  • Cash capital increase of NT$15,430,000 before listing, and paid-in capital of NT$170,436,000 after capital increase.
  • MAMAK Malaysian Cuisine launched a co-branded "Potato Chips with satay flavor" and "Air corn with Pepper Sugar Coconut Milk flavor" with HWA YUAN Foods. 
  • MAMAK Malaysian Cuisine launched a co-branded "Nanyang Curry Laksa Hot Pot" with Chien Tu Hot Pot.
  • Launched the new brand "HOWEDAY" in Taipei, Nangang District, focused on tea products and supervised by three-star tea masters creating a reasonable price, high-quality, sugar-free, and not bitter tea.
  • Co-branded "Creme Brulee Ice Cream Bar" by Sharetea and Shaomei.
  • Co-branded “Thai Milk Tea Bun" by Sharetea and CHIMEI.
  • "Sharetea" has expanded over 140 stores in US and Canada.
  • "Sharetea" opened the Middle East market and signed an agency contract with Kuwait.
  • The AIT American team visited the Sharetea store in Chandler, Arizona, becoming the only hand-shaken drink brand that AIT visits.
  • "Sharetea" was invited to participate in the TAIWAN EXPO USA 2022, representing the Kingdom of hand-shaken drink to participate in this "highest specification in history" exhibition! And the Bubble tea gift box was highly recommended by the AIT official.
  • "Sharetea" has successfully spread across 25 states in the United States and over 380 stores worldwide. 
  • Sharetea has reached 150 stores in the US and Canada.
  • Sharetea Hong Kong has expanded over 40 stores.
  • Sharetea US stores has collaboration with the famous mobile game " Cookie Run Kingdom " to launch marketing projects. 
  • Sharetea and Twin Oaks, Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in the United States (TECRO), to promote co-branding cup cooperation.
  • The company transferred surplus to increase capital by NT$40,905,000, and the paid-in capital after the increase was NT$245,428,000.
  • Won the "Outstanding Enterprise" award of the 20th National Brand Yushan Award of the National Enterprise Competitiveness Development Association of the Republic of China.
  • Won 112 year of 1111 Job Bank Happy Enterprise Award.