Social Responsibility

The brand of Lian Fa International was founded in 1992 and the company, “Lian Fa International Dinning Business Corporation,"was established in 2004. It owns the tea brand of “Sharetea” and two South Eastern cuisine brands of “Mamak” and “Kampung Hainanese Chicken Rice.”
Lian Fa International Dinning Business Corporation has been deeply ploughed in the tea industry for almost 30 years. We value the concept of “Sharing.” We share good tastes and warmth to customers; share achievements and business with colleagues; share happiness and love with the public. We have tea drinks store and South Eastern cuisine brands. When we are creating good tastes, we guard our ingredients strictly. All our main ingredients are certificated by related certificate authorities, such as SGS. We also visit every factory regularly to evaluate the environmental sanitation and related items. We formulate strict hygienic quality for every single store to make sure every drinks and meals are safe to consume. Regarding the smoke issue in the restaurants, we use electrostatic precipitators to reduce pollution of air and water to contribute the sustainable development of the social environment.
Lian Fa International Dinning Business Corporation also cares much about social issue by contributing itself to pay back to the society. During the pandemic, we combine love from society to launch an event called “Buy one get two free.” (Customers buy one drink; we send out extra free drinks each to customers and medical staff.) During the events, we donated over ten thousand of drinks to over one hundred pharmacies, hospitals and fire stations. Besides, we donate to underprivileged groups such as “Taiwan Fund for Children and Families” to share our love to those in needs. In the future, we will keep carrying forward the concept of “Sharing” to more people.

Fulfillment of Social Responsibility

Lian Fa International Dinning Business Corporation does energy management with food and beverage business characteristics. Since we do not have our own factory and central kitchen, We only have energy use in Head-Office and Stores. There has non-significant effects on greenhouse gas emission, water consumption and weight of waste. Therefore, no information can show these energy uses for the past two years. However, the company still works on improving energy use efficiency. We are trying to reduce environmental impact by the following policies:
  • Using LED lights in the new office to save energy.
  • Using virtualization technology for computer facilities to reduce energy use.
  • Implementing energy saving and carbon reduction and cooperating with government policy to comply with waste reduction and recycling.