Supplier Operation and Management

Lian Fa International Dinning Business Corporation holds the concept of sustainable operation and co-growth together with our suppliers. We execute the spirits of supplier management through below four major concepts.
  • Management 
Establish long-term cooperation with suppliers. Comply with laws and regulations together.
  • Responsibility
Regular inspection of each supplier. Field audit to make sure the producing quality
  • Systematic
Build up filing managing system. Execute reviewing mechanism
  • Performance
Update each country new laws. Synchronize all standard to meet world newest regulations.

Suppliers’ operation and management
Lian Fa International Dinning Business Corporation have complete supply chains’ distribution. Each suppler is our cooperative partner and we grow together. Through strict management, we not only make sure food safety but also make hard efforts on enhancing brand image and quality of products combined with services to ensure all customers have the best experiences.

New Suppliers’ selection

When it comes to new suppliers’ selection, Lian Fa International Dinning Business Corporation manage it through below procedures.
  1. Documentary DataConfirm suppliers’ basic information such as Factory Registration Certificate or Registration of Food Businesses. We will show preference on selecting suppliers with certification such as ISO22000HACCP.
  2. Field StudyGeneral Purchasing Department will jointly with Quality Control and Training Department to implement the field study to learn more about the quality of the products together with technique of production line, services and company organization, etc.
  3. Evaluation of Samples and SafetyAll samples will be delivered to Resource and Development unit for examination to evaluate the features and applicability. Furthermore, suppliers will be requested to offer qualified and valid inspect reports. The eligibility of samples will be determined by Resource and Development unit.
  4. Venders assessment Consolidating all information as above, the suppliers will be verified whether to become our company’s suppliers or not through overall rating of documentary data, quality control, service quality in “Supplier evaluation form.”

Suppliers’ audit and rating
General Purchasing Department will jointly with Quality Control and Training Department to execute annually field trip audit against Top 20 trading amount suppliers in the last year. The rest of the suppliers will be visited by our company every three years or depends on needs.

Suppliers’ Honest Cooperation Policy
For the purpose to implement Lian Fa International Dinning Business Corporation’s honest cooperation policy, if any employees be discovered with law violations or related supply chain management be found out with illegal behaviors, our company is equipped with report window. If the report is true, our company will initiate investigation and punishment. Moreover, we will maintain confidentiality of reporting companies or individuals’ information to take appropriate protective measures to ensure personal information’s safety and privacy.