Compensation and Benefits

  • Expect competitive pay level, the company also has more incentive, including employee stock option, performance bonus and irregular incentive bonus.
  • Retirement system and implement as followings: to protect retired life of our employees, the company formulates retirement system according to Taiwanese law. The first is, the employees apply to “Labor Standards Act”, their actuarial retirement reserve fund will be deposited to Bank of Taiwan account. For the employees applying to “Labor Pension Act”, the company will contribute 6% of salary to their individual pension bank account.
  • Employee Referral Bonus.

Labor Insurance
  • Providing Labor Insurance, National Health Insurance, Group Insurance, Overseas Business Trip Insurance (including overseas emergency assistance), Medical Insurance and Life insurance which are all better than regular insurance policy from Labor Standards Act.

Leave Management Systems
  • Shift system for stores, five-day workweek for Head-Office. All leave management systems comply with Taiwanese Labor Standards Act. In addition, the company offers paid leaves during company trip.

Employee Benefits
  • Cash Gifs/ Gifs: Holiday bonus, birthday bonus, scholarship and grants for employees and their children. Gifts for Labor Day, offering vouchers using in our own stores and cash gifts for weddings and funerals.
  • Activities: Overseas or domestic company trip, Lian Fa Sharing Day, year-end party, team dinner, movie time, Christmas events and multiple societies.
  • Regular employee’s health check: The company selects the large-scale and professional medical team to provide complete health check plan, advanced equipment, and detail medical information.
  • Measures for protecting employee’s right: The company creates a smooth communication channel. By holding labor-management committee, the representatives of labor and management can discuss and decide labor right issues.